Friday, February 26, 2010


Salam kengkawan...

Sorry for being 'quiet' for such a long time! Kirana ada beberapa hal peribadi yg perlu diurus shingga tiada ruang utk membelai laptop kesayangan Kirana dan bbicara ayat2 cinta dgn kalian.

Anyway... hope everything is fine with u guys out there! Happy belated new year (2010) to each one of u. Siapa kata Kirana tak rindu....I truly n terribly miss u all!


kirana said...

Wahhhh... bila lihat date new post dgn last post... rupe2 nyer dh 2 bulan Kirana mghilangkan diri.... Ohhhh tidak!! Maafkan Kirana!

Frodo Baggins said...

huhuhuhu ...

selamat kembali
happy belated new year gak


ONE ZABA said...

happy everydayyyy!!!

zino said...

selamat kembali berblogging..

DDrfauziah said...

Hi, welcome back!
Well, everybody has her/his rough times ... hope yours are manageable. Blv me, Allah wl alwys b with U if U dont ignore HIM.
By d way, there are many others who have gone missing for much much longer time ... kekadang your gd friends ... poke pun tak bangun2 juga :)

SEN said...

ya lah ktk ilang, mekorang suma dah polah report dgn polis..cdak RELA pun dah start ncarik ktk..

zaijb said...

miss u...kirana....

Anonymous said...

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cikin said...

selamat kembali ke sini kirana...:):):)

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

miss you la :D

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mR.sYaH said...

mana dirimu menghilang..

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theBluesman said...

welcome back my dear, we miss you too

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kirana said...

Amboi....byk nyer komen yg Kirana tak paham nih.... sesape leh tlg translate tak?

Monicka Febriani said...

waduhhh keren dachhh