Friday, December 4, 2009


Dua hari yg lepas, Kirana terima e-mail dari teman di zaman kanak2. Anyway, e-mail yg cukup mnarik utk Kirana kongsikan di sini. E-mail nya bbunyi begini:

One day, a best friend of mine gave me 3 envelopes. Written on each of them are the receipients:- beloved mum and dad, beloved husband, beloved children. "Keep this for me," she said. "Why? What for?" I asked. "One day you'll know why," she said with a beautiful smile. I kept on wondering why but I didn't dare to ask another question.

6 months later, in a beautiful Sunday morning I received a call. A shocking news I couldn't believe until today. My very best friend had returned to The Almighty. Died of sudden heart attack, collapsed at the 4th rakaat of her Zohor prayer and died on the spot.

I rushed to the hospital, I couldn't stop crying that I almost knocked a car in front of mine. When I reached the hospital, all her beloved family members were there on her side...shedding tears! "Why? Why her? A most loving and caring person I've ever known. Why her God?"

"She didn't even leave any last word!" her husband cried. Suddenly... something flashed in my mind. I rushed downstairs towards the carpark. I took the 3 envelopes from my car and rushed upstairs. "These could be her last words," I said as I handed over the envelopes to her husband.

The 3 letters were read aloud and everyone could not held their tears.

Letter 1 : To dearest mum and dad,

Both of you have no idea of how much I appreciated your love and care all this while. Both of you will always have my prayer. I'm sorry for not being able to fulfill you dreams of seeing me becoming a lawyer like dad and also marrying a lawyer like you mum. What else can I say, I'm not perfect and I'm sorry. Maybe that's my destiny.

Letter 2 : To my dearest beautiful girls,

Bringing you all to the world is the most joyous and wonderful moment mummy ever had. You all give mummy strength and motivation to move on heading this life, no matter how hard it is. Mummy hopes to see you all succeed in whatever you dream of. Sorry if mummy ever love you all less as what you hope for as you know mummy is not perfect.

Letter 3 : To my dearest loving husband,

Dearest love,

You are not perfect... so am I. But I love you so much and too much that I couldn't hardly breath if you're not on my side. Even my own life is not as valuable as you dear. I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings or forgot to prepare your favourite dish or even forgot to iron your shirt. I'm not perfect... and I'm sorry!

I couldn't held my tears... I can't even stop crying that I fell on the floor... unconcious! I lost a friend... a very best friend! Aida... you're always on my mind and in my daily prayer. May your soul rest in peace!

Kirana tfikir... Aida amat disayangi oleh seluruh ahli keluarga dan kawan2 nya kerana kebaikan dan kelembutan hatinya. Tiada siapa yg akan sanggup mengkhianati org sebaik Aida. But still... she apologized to all her loved ones for she's not perfect.

For Aida... may your soul rest in peace!


zaijb said...

salam kirana,

sedih lahh citer nie...
moga kita pun menjadi sesorg yg lembut hati dan di kasihi oleh orang lain....

Dalam hidup ini tiada siapa yg sempurna...

cm said...

dia amat sempurna dimata kita.. tetapi dia terasa masih belum sempurna bagi dirinya...
Kita bagaimana ???

cikin said...

btul.. tiada yg sempurna selain-Nya..:) tp dia baik kan..:)

dukunlintahplk said...

so beautiful..

alang said...

Salam ziarah. Moga kita dapat mengambil iktibar dari cerita nie.

kirana said...

Kita semua mmg ingin kesempurnaan tapi kita hnya manusia biasa. Namun itu tdk mghalang kita mcuba yg tbaik, kan?

Kita cuba sempurnakan diri kita sbaik yg mgkin.

Dia mmg baik. Kita boleh jdikan iktibar.

Let's share the stories with others.

Betol tu. Dan sudahkan kita bsedia utk bdepan dgn NYA?

adiwarnatasya said...

Sungguh manghayat hati;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

sedih noh... :(

gine nak tido gitok??

attyfir said...

sedih citerni ..huhuhuhu..

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